VHV/SVHV Vortex Flow Regulator

The Hydrovex® VHV and SVHV series Vortex Flow Regulators operate on the forced vortex principle whereby the air core at the center of the vortex reduces the effective area of flow through an orifice. This allows the use of inlets which are 4-6 times larger than a typical orifice for the same flow rate.  A larger inlet opening minimizes the risk of clogging and the Hydrovex® VHV/SVHV inlet is located below the outlet invert such that it is self-skimming to prevent the passage of floating trash and debris.

The Hydrovex® VHV/SVHV Vortex Flow Regulators are constructed from corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel, have no moving parts and work solely on water pressure.  They are easy to install and require little to no maintenance.

The Hydrovex® VHV/SVHV Vortex Flow Regulators are available with inlet sizes ranging from 1” to 14” and can control flow rates from as little as 0.01 cfs at 6 inches of head, and up to 11 cfs at 19 feet of head
Hydrovex VHV Vertical Vortex Flow Regulator
Each Hydrovex® VHV/SVHV is custom fabricated to meet your specific project flow rate requirements and can be configured for a variety of installation conditions.

Available connection options include:

  • Slip-In double gasketed connection for use in PVC, ductile iron and RCP piping.

  • Standard ANSI flange pipe connection

  • Gasketed slide gate connection with 304 stainless steel frame, pull handle and cable.

The Hydrovex® VHV/SVHV series Vortex Flow Regulators are an ideal solution for the following design problems:

  • Extended detention volume recovery

  • Stream or channel protection volume discharge

  • Compliance with minimum required orifice areas
Hydrovex VHV with Slide Gate
Includes pull handle and lift cable.


  • The SVHV/VHV Vortex Flow Regulator is allowed by the Washington Department of Ecology.
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