IHV/HHV Vortex Flow Regulator

The Hydrovex IHV Vortex Flow Regulator operates using the forced vortex principle. Discharge is controlled by an air filled vortex that reduces effective flow area through an orifice. This allows the use of orifice areas 4-6 times larger than typical for the same flow rate profile.  A larger orifice opening reduces the risk of clogging or blocking by debris.  

The IHV Vortex Flow Regulator operates with no moving parts or external power source. It requires minimal maintenance and is easy to install. 

The IHV and HHV have the most pronounced throttling effect of the vortex flow regulators in the Hydrovex® product line. 
Hydrovex IHV Vortex Flow Regulator Installation
The inclination angle of the Hydrovex® IHV/HHV can be adjusted to control its flow throttling effect. The graph below shows the effect of angle on the rating curve. Angles of 60°, 45°, 30°, 11°, and horizontal (HHV) are shown. 

The IHV Vortex Flow Regulator is intended for dry installations and downstream flow control.


  • The Hydrovex® IHV/HHV Vortex Flow Regulators are allowed by the Washington Department of Ecology.
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