HHV-E Vortex Driven Regulator

The Hydrovex HHV-E Vortex Driven Regulator is an active, vortex based flow control system. The HHV-e uses a pressure sensor and a vortex regulator to control flow.  The system is set for a maximum flow rate, which corresponds to a maximum pressure in the vortex regulator.  Once this maximum pressure is exceeded, a gate valve upstream of the vortex regulator begins closing, until the flow rate is reduced and the pressure in the vortex regulator is lowered.  

All comands and functions are automatically controlled by the onsite controller. The design is also resistant to clogging.  A clog or blockage at the gate valve will result in a lower flow rate at the vortex regulator, which will reduce the pressure, opening the gate valve.  The valve will continue to open until the desired flow rate is achieved despite the blockage, or until the blockage is cleared. 
Hydrovex HHV-E Vortex Driven Regulator


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