Clari - Regulated Outlet Slot

The Hydrovex® Clari Regulated Outlet Slot produces nearly constant flow as upstream water levels rise and fall.  It works solely on water pressure and has no mechanically engaged parts. Its pre-stressed, 304 stainless steel bending sheet is positioned above an angled 304 stainless steel weir plate and forms a slot through which water is discharged.  As upstream water levels rise, the Hydrovex® Clari’s bending sheet deflects and reduces the area of the slot and maintains the discharge at a nearly constant rate.

Since water must pass under the bending sheet, the Hydrovex® Clari also functions as an underflow baffle and skims floating trash and debris from the discharge.
Hydrovex Clari - Regulated Outlet Slot
View from Downstream
A cross section of the Clari in operation:
a) Shows the Clari with the water at the control elevation.
b) Flow starts as stage increases.  The bending sheet begins to restrict flow.
c) At full flow, the area of flow is minimized and flow is controlled.
d) A deflector can be used to direct the flow down.
Hydrovex Clari pre-mounted in a frame for easy installation.
View from Upstream
The Hydrovex® Clari’s bending sheet and weir plate are completely self-contained in a flush mounted 304 stainless steel frame for fast and easy installation in structures and bulkheads.

The Hydrovex® Clari is custom fabricated to meet your specific project requirements and features flow rates from 0.3 cfs to 10.5 cfs per unit.  Multiple units may be installed side by side to accommodate greater flow rates.
The Hydrovex® Clari is an ideal and economical solution for the following design problems:

  • Minimization of volume required for shallow to moderate depth detention storage systems such as open ponds, arch chamber systems, pipe storage systems and infiltration/exfiltration trench systems.

  • Flow Splitting

  • Flow Throttling