CCV - Check Valve

The Hydrovex® CCV Check Valve is designed to have extremely low head loss in submerged conditions. The Buna-N rubber flap is resistant to oils and greaes, and are much lighter than conventional cast iron or steel flaps.

All materials are corrosion resistant, with frames available in 304 or 316 stainless steel.

The Hydrovex® CCV is available in a gasketed flat back or round wall mounting configuration. Available sizes range from 4" to 24", with larger diameters available by request. A reinforced flap is available for high back pressure installations. 

  • Low headloss
  • Minimal cracking pressure (less than 20% of the diameter)
  • Minimal back pressure required for water-tight seating
  • No mechanical components (bearings, bushings, etc.)
  • Fast closing and seals properly, even with small downstream pressures
  • Easy installation in existing structures


Hydrovex CCV Check Valve
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