BW series Bending Weir

The Hydrovex® BW series Bending Weir is hydraulically more efficient than a traditional, fixed weir.  As the upstream water level rises above its crest, the Hydrovex® BW bends downward, increasing the effective head on the weir and increasing the flow rate.  As water levels recede the weir bends back to its initial position.

The Hydrovex® BW series Bending Weir works solely on water pressure and has no mechanically engaged parts. Its pre-stressed, 304 stainless steel bending sheet is pre-mounted in a self-contained frame for fast and easy installation in structures and bulkheads. Stops are provided to prevent the BW from bending beyond its design limit, which assures a long service life and little to no required maintenance.

The Hydrovex® BW series Bending Weirs are available in three different configurations depending on the variation of upstream water depth the Bending Weir will be subjected to.  The Hydrovex® BW series Bending Weir is manufactured to the specific length needed to meet your project requirements.

The Hydrovex® BW series Bending Weir is an ideal solution for the following design problems:

  • Decreasing the length of weir required where installation space is limited.

  • Reduction of volume required for shallow detention storage systems such as wet detention in high groundwater areas, arch chamber systems, pipe storage systems, or infiltration/exfiltration trench systems.

  • Maintaining the variation of upstream head in a limited range for flow splitting applications.
Hydrovex BW Installation
The HYDROVEX® BW Bending Weir and the HYDROVEX® Flap Spring Loaded Weir can be easily modeled using the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System. 

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